The Bottom Line Archive contains over 1000 shows recorded during the club's 30-year run, from 1974-2004. These historic recordings capture a rare glimpse at the richness of New York's and the world's musical culture.

It is our intention to make as many of these incredibly diverse performances available as possible, provided that the rights are available and and the sound and performance meet the level you have come to expect from The Bottom Line. We have mastered these recordings for the highest sound quality possible at New York's famed Magic Shop, which specializes in restoration and sonic upgrades of historic material.

We hope you will find one of your favorite shows here, and that you will enjoy the music just as much as when you were at the club, sitting at your favorite table.

For lots more info and behind the scenes stories about the archive, check out the interview with co-owner Allan Pepper and series producer Gregg Bendian.

launching the bottom line
Launching The Bottom Line Archive
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